Big Blue Backyard


Big Blue Backyard is a one-of-kind destination enveloped in the glorious seaside terrain of Mornington Peninsula. A hidden gem of St. Andrews Beach, it has a marvellous suite of rooms, filled with art and furniture handcrafted by the wonderful couple who run the establishment.

Their challenge

Each with a heavenly outdoor spa and barbeque area, the rooms also embody a variety of styles, a mixture of safari, beach hideaway, and rustic getaway. But their photos on did not do the experience justice. We needed to capture the space while striking a balance between detailed visuals and enticing lifestyle content.

Our solution

We decided to steer away from the traditional approach used to shoot property interiors, avoiding straightforward camera angles and the crisp and clean look. We also used warmer tones to showcase a more welcoming, elegant, yet fun atmosphere. The focus was to not only capture what was in the space but, to give the user a sense of how a stay in Big Blue Backyard would feel like.

the results

We were able to help elevate the client’s branding, with an emotive video sequence that takes the viewer through the cozy hideaways to the magnificent seaside, along with photos that capture the spaciousness, luxury, and comfort of the hotel. We had successfully produced media content that would leave a lasting impression on the viewer—a longing for a truly visceral experience at Big Blue Backyard.