Website UI design

Born Cultured


With the huge increase in demand for non-animal products in the food industry, Coconut yogurt is the new hype. Born Cultured is made by artisans from some of the best coconuts from all over the world and is processed right here in Australia. It’s not just yogurt, but a lifestyle that customers will desire.

Their challenge

Although Born Cultured has been around for over 4 years, they are still undergoing some major rebranding and have no solid website that they can call home. About to enter a momentous summit presentation to a distributor, they realise they are in dire need of a website bit have 10 days left to build one. 

Our solution

We designed and developed the website within only 9 days. Our design heavily focused on the eco friendly lifestyle and mindset that Born Cultured wishes their brand to embody. The concept behind the structure was to create a website that provides its visitors with an immediate and clear understanding of the brand before having to read anything.

the results

Successfully, we built within the required timeframe the company was able to present the site in time for their presentation. Born cultured is currently in the process of adding more information to their site, preparing for more thorough usage in the future.