Canggu Beachside Villas

Villa name:

Canggu beachside villa


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia


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First Impressions:

You’ll be taken to a ‘secret’ passage on a small road in the Canggu area and the entrance is definitely misleading. It looks quite small from the outside but once you step inside, you’ll be amazed at how huge the open space of the living room is, and how it leads straight to the pristine private pool.

The whole place is very serene and you will not hear much noise – a great atmosphere for those who want to have a peaceful stay.

The location:

This villa is located in a place surrounded by an array of greenery. It is close to the sea, however not too close, but enough for the cooler sea breeze to come through and cool down the villa from a hot day.

The rooms and facilities:


This villa boasted 5 bedrooms with a bathroom suite in each one, much to our delight! The rooms are ENORMOUS with a vast view to match!  The king-sized bed was super roomy, which only added to its already comfortable status, plus the room has a corner sofa if that wasn’t enough comfort for you already! In our room we had the pleasure of waking up bathed in the sunrise’s warm lights, and greeted by the new fresh air when going out onto the balcony.


The bathroom however was a bit lacklustre and did not live up to the rest of the room at all, as it was quite old school compared to the decorations of the rest of the room. Although it was like this, all bathrooms did have 2 sinks and mirrors, definitely worthy for a couple if they’ve decided to stay here.

Common Area

Coming to the common area down the stone steps, it was a large space that opened up into a spacious area, with big tables surrounded by comfortable sofas. The TV was large and easily and readily available for use, and a good amount of decoration bridging the gap between minimal and comfortable. Outside was a seating area to enjoy that overlooked the long pool and dining area. Spacious and comfortable, there was a lot of space to wander.

The service:

The service was lovely, with the manager on duty to ensure that our stay was good. They assisted whenever necessary and gave us what we needed at an appropriate time. They truly helped elevate the experience.

The food:

The food was prepared fresh and on order, and they gave us a variety of things to eat and drink. They were a little slow in preparing the table and setting out the food, but nonetheless having it out in the outside dining area was a good experience.

Final thoughts:

For the price and location, you will not get any better deal than this! 3 levels 5 bedrooms and a private pool in the heart of Canggu? Yes, it’s all worth the pennies.

- Angel Cindy xx