Website UI design

Villa Cella Bella


Starting with Cella Bella’s famous reputation for being the most insta worthy resort in Bali, we put ourselves in the shoes of their target demographic and designed to attract young influencers. Villa Cella Bella is now one step closer to legitimising their brand

Their challenge

Villa Cella Bella is an extremely sought after villa in Bali, having gone viral on instagram from their famous flower pool, and many other “insta worthy” features. However, they are only currently gaining customers from AirBnB and have no solid website to solidify their branding and essence. 


Our solution

We put ourselves in the shoes of a potential customer, and designed their website in a way that shows off their best features – essentially up-selling their services. This strategic marketing approach married to stunning visuals and layout are sure to help them make stand out from the crowd!

the results

After consulting with the owners of the resort, we created a solution that embodies both the feeling of prestige and youth. We successfully turned ideas into a concise summary that is all attention grabbing, easy to understand and increases sales.