Villa name:

Cicada luxury townhouses


Seminyak, Badung, Bali, Indonesia


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First Impressions:

Walking into Cicada we were automatically greeted at the front desk by staff and checked in, and they served us a fresh watermelon drink that was presented nicely while we waited to get checked in. Check in was fast and efficient, and they even had a personalised wifi password, and it made us feel like we were the only ones there.

There was a large main area that the front desk overlooked – with a long pool and sun loungers surrounding it. It was so peaceful and quiet – the only kinds of sounds you could hear were of nature or the noises from far away if you focused hard enough.

Apart from greetings, I noticed that they also celebrated festivities with a decorated Christmas tree right across from the front desk. It was a fun touch and memorable because you could see it before you even walked to the front desk!

The location:

Although in a central district in Seminyak and close to many shops and busier areas, Cicada is tucked away in a side street, away from the noise pollution, and in an area abundant with greenery. 

It’s in a small laneway and it can be hard for people to find it – but there are lights, especially if it is dark, so you can find your way there provided you go into the right laneway.

The rooms and facilities:


All bedrooms were well presented and spacious, especially the room sizes and bed – I stayed in the master bedroom and loved the addition of the balcony in the room, which overlooked a large area of greenery. It was just such a good area to take a breather when you just want to look at the environment and not anything else! 



Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, connected to the walk in wardrobe and bathtub! There was so much space in this bathroom and right near the bathtub, the area would be decorated with bamboo and stones – it’s lovely to look at since the light from the top would be a good addition to the calmness of the townhouse.

Beware, those who attract mosquitoes – the bathroom area is in a covered open air space so if you’re there to shower, you may get bitten if they like you enough!


Common Area

Common area is large, spacious and comfortable. The dining room, living room and kitchen were all in the same area, and there are so many plush seating areas that I just never knew where to lounge! Connected to the common area was the outside pool and the seating area, as well as another bedroom. It was a comfortable place to be in to relax, as there was also a speaker to play your favourite songs! So you never get to miss a beat.

The service:

The service was great  – everything was on time and what we wanted. The staff were super polite and approachable.

The food:

The food was good and we were given a variety. The floating breakfast had us fill out a sheet for what foods we wanted – there were a variety, mainly from western and Indonesian foods. Portions weren’t large nor were they small – they were just enough to make you content.

Final thoughts:

If you’re looking for a place to stay in a convenient and central location where all the happenings are happening, Cicada would be your choice! It’s a lovely place that is not only quiet, but serene and allows for you to relax and have some downtime as well! 

The combination of the private and great service are a huge point for this townhouse!

- Angel Cindy xx