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To Byron


A trip to byron bay with hoola hoola


Byron Bay, Australia


Contract for content production

With the stress that’s been building up into mountains from molehills from my projects in Angel Cindy Creative, I’ve decided a gust of fresh air is just what I needed. Don’t get it wrong, I live on stress and the excitement of it all keeps me going on, but we all deserve a break from our daily lives, don’t we? And thus why one morning I decided to take a spontaneous leap in life and book a trip to Byron Bay.

The thrill of visiting a new place and having a whole new set of sensory experiences to take in is what I live for. Since all I need to start working is my laptop, I thought that perhaps, changing my work environment would give me a fresh take and let my mind go for a jog for a little bit. I would say that I might be a self-proclaimed workaholic and you wouldn’t see me anywhere without my laptop in my arm. With that said, to take out the hassle of dropping my laptop or simply forgetting it because I have it wrapped up some boring laptop sleeve– I travel with my new favourite customizable bag from Hoola Hoola as my go-to laptop bag. Not only does it fit my laptop like a glove, it’s customizable too, so you could switch things up to your heart’s desires. Hoola Hoola have sent me their Alma collection range and the combinations are endless!

Start customising your own bag by visiting Hoola Hoola website:

- Angel Cindy xx