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G Plus Coffee



Gplus Coffee began their hospitality adventure in the early months of 2019, nestled on a quiet laneway in Cheltenham. We created strategies to help shine light on this hidden gem who lacked traction and possessed weak social media presence. We reached a larger audience, thus gaining more interactions and a greater presence online.

Their challenge

Just like any other newly emerging business in the hospitality industry, GPlus was struggling to overcome challenges in their first year. The location being the biggest challenge – hidden off the main streets between large multi level buildings. They did not garner much attention as individuals would often not notice the gem nestled away as they walked past it each day.

Our solution

We needed to shine light on this cafe and not only promote the great food but also their in-house coffee brand. We collaborated with the top food bloggers and influencers in Melbourne. In turn, those who attended would write a review, or post to their social media platforms and third party food apps to help promote Gplus. . . This strategy was sectioned into two parts – one targeting a mass audience to gain more traction and provide a greater reach, whilst the second part was to geographically target those in the surrounding suburbs. We created “#gplussquad” where customers and employees could feel valued through the creation of a sub-community, with GPlus being the hub. This hashtag would be dedicated to those who have visited the cafe.  Our expertise span beyond just social media marketing. Drawing upon our experience with other businesses in the hospitality industry, we are knowledgeable on the latest trends and were able to provide recommendations on the operations of the business. Affordable and delicious coffee, this was their specialty.

the results

Extensive analysis found that our strategies were now targeting a more relevant market resulting in an increase of interactions. Their following has more than doubled over the span of our 3 months since the initial engagement with ACC and we narrowed down the ideal demographics. We have created a strong sense of community that everyone wants to be part of that influencers are now reaching out to collaborate.

G Plus Coffee