Social media content

Love Athletica



Starting with alluring and authentic content that aligns with Love Athletica’s brand image, we provided content creation and a uniform style-guide that could be distributed across all channels. From their physical studio to their social media platforms, Love Athletica is now a step closer to becoming a leading brand in the pilates industry.

Their challenge

Love Athletica is Camberwell’s up and coming pilates studio. They wanted to break away from the mainstream image of pilates, and put a trendy, more youthful flair to help make their mark on the industry. 

Our solution

We decided to take our cues from their outside the box core-blasting pilates and their thoughtful and highly educated instructors to create original concept templates that can be utilised in long term promotional marketing. The goal was to stand out from competitors. attract authentic engagement and help generate higher member conversion rates.

the results

After rigorous planning and heavy market research on the most influential pilates studios in Los Angeles, we decided to approach Love Athletica’s content with sleek, modern and welcoming style. We also used a hint of peach, inspired by their main branding colour.

Love athletica