Social media content

Santoni Pizza



A family owned Italian Joint in Hawthorn that is sure to be a classic, born out of pure passion for Italian cuisine and culture in 2007.  Although their food appeared phenomenal, We wanted to ensure that Santoni’s social media looked just as tasty. With the right visual strategising, We ensured that Santoni Pizza kept its original flavour with an updated look.

Their challenge

The Santoni social media had a very distinct style, beautiful content with pastel background. Such a strong style that can not be broken down for continuity.

Our solution

We continued with the signature style for Santoni’s social media and also improve on the feel of consistency and seamlessness on their theme instead of solely focusing on individual plates. Not only dishes, but we also created a conceptual cocktail, which is most restaurant’s most profitable item.

the results

Santoni pizza is able to maintain their strong iconic style and and we helped them to create more conceptual social media content that stands out to create more brand awareness amongst Melbournian foodies.

Santoni Pizza